Ms. A. Valer

Dear: Parents, 
Welcome To Kindergarten!

As the year begins, I’m sure many parents are wondering what Kindergarten is all about, what we will be learning, and how I teach.

Kindergarten is a time of transition. It is a time to make one of the first breaks from home where the ratio of children to adult is low, to school where the ratio is significantly higher (up to 22 students to 1 teacher). It is a time to become accustom to a new environment, school rules, and classroom routines. Sometimes these expectations, rules, and routines are difficult for children. They need a period of adjustment where they can test the boundaries and assert their independence while learning to share and cooperate at the same time.

Kindergarten is the time for growth in all developmental areas: physical, intellectual, artistic, social and emotional. As the children continue to develop in these areas, I will be observing their progress, encouraging their independence, and evaluating their growth. Evaluation at the Kindergarten level includes observation, collection of student work, individual conferencing and continuous celebration of each and every success. It is my hope that the students will learn to say “I’ll try” rather than “I can’t”.

I want my students to feel pride in their accomplishments and to feel successful. Kindergarten is a time to be socially and emotionally accepting of others. It is a time to learn problem solving and to become independent thinkers and workers. It is also a time to review and expand knowledge of various readiness concepts; such as shapes, colours, letters and their sounds, rhyming, numbers, and counting.

As a teacher, I need to be very flexible in order to meet the diverse needs of my students. Through exploration and integration of themes, I will teach the prescribed learning outcomes for Kindergarten through play-based learning as mandated by the Ministry of Education. As I integrate each theme into the Kindergarten program, I will use stories, visual art, math games and activities, science experiments, group discussion, songs, creative movement and drama to reinforce learning. I will reach each student’s learning style while creating an enjoyable, safe learning environment where they can all thrive and succeed.

I am excited about teaching your child and getting to know all the unique things that make your child special.

Your Kindergarten Teacher,

            Miss Valer