Leary Integrated Arts & Technology Elementary is the entry point for the School District 33 Integrated Arts & Technology Framework.  As the K-5 component of the IAT Framework, all of our students who wish to are able to follow on to the Ad Rundle Integrated Arts and Technology Cohort in Grade 6, and then on to Imagine High in Grade 9.

Student success, engagement, wellbeing and learning are at the core of our vision. We believe that students thrive in a learning environment in which multiple pathways are available for students' personal exploration, creativity, expression and inquiry.

Our vision is supported by the BC Curriculum, the First Peoples Principles of Learning and current research on innovative learning environments.

We value equity, inclusion and diversity. All learners are welcome at Leary Integrated Arts & Technology Elementary.


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Curriculum Path

In the integrated core, learning is delivered through both discrete skills instruction in Reading, Writing and Mathematics, and in experiential interdisciplinary projects. Students learn in to read, write and numerate in developmentally appropriate, best-practice ways. Students also build an understanding of their learning strengths, develop interests, explore their thinking to build independence, and create powerful demonstrations of learning. A key focus is building community through shared work. Projects have a real-world connection and are supported by learning partners and community. Through these projects, students will find opportunities to connect, create, and contribute to school and beyond.

Students develop core competencies that support them to:

  • Develop skills to be creative and experience joy from language
  • Use numbers to solve complex, real world problems
  • Collaborate and communicate to acquire, develop and… more
Summer Office Hours
School Opens (8:20-10:20)
First Full Day for Students in Grades 1-5 (8:20-2:18)
Weekly Assembly (8:30-9:00)
First Full Day for Kindergarten Students (8:20-2:18)
Cops for Cancer Visit Leary (TBD)