Acceptable Use Agreement - Technology 


Every year the School District requires parents to both give permission for their child to use technology at school, and to agree to our Acceptable Use Agreement that outlines how technology is used by their child, and the expectations regarding that use at school.  This information can be found in detail here: Acceptable Use Agreement

While many of you have followed the link we sent via email earlier this year to the permission click website, approximately 15% of parents have not.  You have received another email with a link to the online permission form regarding this.

Your child cannot use any School District Technology until this is done.  This includes computers, iPads, wifi, and all other technology provided for use at the school.

If you have not already done so, please follow this link to get your child back to being able to use technology at school.


Thanks you for attending to this.  Students at Leary have access to some really awesome learning opportunities using technology, once they have permission to do so.


Jim Edgcombe, Principal


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This link can be opened on any browser as a webpage: FG Leary Calendar

Add Web Calendar to Mobile Devices

Apple: Settings à Passwords & Accounts à Add Account à Other à (Calendars) Add Subscribed Calendar

Paste this address: https://mail.sd33.bc.ca/owa/calendar/3cd564792e5a4117bb903e550130ef3a@sd33.bc.ca/2f856d923b80404dbc6eced0621e68628928254505182466273/calendar.ics

Android: On a Desktop or Laptop open your Gmail account and select Calendar.

On the left hand side select the “+” beside Other Calendars, Select à From URL

Paste this link https://mail.sd33.bc.ca/owa/calendar/3cd564792e5a4117bb903e550130ef3a@sd33.bc.ca/2f856d923b80404dbc6eced0621e68628928254505182466273/calendar.ics

Select à Add Calendar

Go into your device's Calendar app, in the settings make sure your Google account is checked, then select 'Sync Now'.

You may need to select the Google account calendar, then under "Other calendars" check the subscribed calendars the Android device is to sync with (by default, the "Other calendars" may not be checked).

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In order to help you receive the communications we will sometimes send home on Take Home Thursdays, we are going to try colour coding what comes home, so you can spot the various forms and newsletters that often come home.  Nothing worse than getting a non-descript permission form the day of a Field Trip!  Hope this helps.

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Permission Click

Every family is now required to complete an on-line Acceptable Use Agreement for each of their children.  This form has to be completed in order for us to allow the use of technology, including logging into computers and iPads, otherwise your child will not be able to use any of the technology used for instruction.  

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