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B.C. Government Expands Mask Mandate to Include K-Grade 3 Students

Today, the provincial government has expanded its provincial health and safety measures to mandate masks for all students in B.C.

Starting Monday, Oct. 4, all public and independent school students in B.C. will be required to wear a mask when inside school buildings, including while at their desks and on buses.  This is an update to previous guidelines, which mandated masks for Grade 4-12 students only.  The new mandate now also applies to kindergarten to Grade 3 students.

Masks are an effective layer of protection, in concert with other measures such as frequent hand washing, daily health checks and staying home when sick.  

Here are some helpful links to use with your kindergarten to Grade 3 student about how to safely wear a mask. 

For more information on provincial health and safety measures in schools, see the

Provincial COVID-19 Communicable Disease Guidelines for K-12 Settings.  

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Add Web Calendar to Mobile Devices

Apple: Settings à Passwords & Accounts à Add Account à Other à (Calendars) Add Subscribed Calendar

Paste this address: https://mail.sd33.bc.ca/owa/calendar/3cd564792e5a4117bb903e550130ef3a@sd33.bc.ca/2f856d923b80404dbc6eced0621e68628928254505182466273/calendar.ics

Android: On a Desktop or Laptop open your Gmail account and select Calendar.

On the left hand side select the “+” beside Other Calendars, Select à From URL

Paste this link https://mail.sd33.bc.ca/owa/calendar/3cd564792e5a4117bb903e550130ef3a@sd33.bc.ca/2f856d923b80404dbc6eced0621e68628928254505182466273/calendar.ics

Select à Add Calendar

Go into your device's Calendar app, in the settings make sure your Google account is checked, then select 'Sync Now'.

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Every family is now required to complete an on-line Acceptable Use Agreement for each of their children.  This form has to be completed in order for us to allow the use of technology, including logging into computers and iPads, otherwise your child will not be able to use any of the technology used for instruction.  

Chilliwack School District Property Purchase

Unique land purchase to benefit Chilliwack students - A land purchase will lay the groundwork for a future school for hundreds of students in one of British Columbia’s fastest growing communities. Rob Fleming, Minister of Education, announced that the Province is providing the Chilliwack School District with up to $10 million to purchase part of the former Chilliwack North campus of the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) for the site of a new school.

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