This year’s One School, One Book is called "The Very, Very Far North".



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The Introduction and Chapter 1

     Leary Lions are enjoying this year's One School, One Book event.  This event is intended to promote literacy across the grades, foster a love for reading, and build school spirit as we all enjoy a good read together.  Every family in our school will receive a copy of this year’s novel, The Very Very Far North, to share, read, and keep.  If time permits in your busy schedule, we hope that you can enjoy this novel together as a family.  The novel will be brought home by the eldest child in your family.  Monday to Friday your child will be expected to read a chapter or be read to (No readings take place on the weekend).  Use the link above to listen to the daily chapter read by a staff member or special guest. Students will have the opportunity to answer a question at school about the assigned chapter.  If their answer is correct their name will then be entered into a daily draw for a prize.

     During the first two weeks of February, your child will be offered the opportunity to be involved in fun extension projects connected to the novel to be completed at home.  These projects are voluntary but encouraged to help your child get the most out of the event.  These projects may be completed by individual students or by families working together that would like to participate.  Projects will be displayed Monday, February 12th - Thursday, February 15th.

     The  Service Project we will be undertaking is a fundraiser in which we are asking each Leary Lion, if they are able, to bring $2 to symbolically adopt an arctic species (e.g., Polar Bear, Musk ox, Artic Fox, Snowy Owl) and to help conserve arctic ecosystems. Money raised will be sent to the World Wildlife Fund Canada.

     There will be a school Art Contest to design a new front cover for the novel, and the chosen artist will then be given a canvas to paint their cover. Their painting will be hung in the library as a record of the 2024 One School, One Book event. 

The following is the calendar for One School, One Book 2024:

Jan. 15th Book Launch Assembly (Novel Brought Home)

Jan. 15th-16th Read chapters 1-2

Jan. 22nd-26th Read chapters 3-7

Jan. 29th-Feb. 2nd Read chapters 8-12

Feb. 5th-Feb. 9th Read chapters 13-14 and Conclusion

Feb. 12th-15th One School, One Book Display

Happy reading everyone!



Mrs. Larsen

Teacher Librarian